Project Time Table for Term – II


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Project Time Table Term – II


21.10.19 English Save our Nature. Materials: Pictures of trees, animals and birds. A4 size chart paper colour pencil / crayons.
22.10.19 Social States of India. Materials: Pictures of Dance forms of India. Festivals of India. A4 size chart paper. Sketch pens, crayons.
29.10.19 Science Maintaining hygiene. Pictures of Good habits and Health and hygiene. Materials: A4 size chart paper. Sketch pens, crayons.
29.10.19 Tamil தமிழ் : நீரை சேமிப்போம் (ஓவியம்) Materials: A4 size chart -1, Crayons, black sketch, Big size Bangle, Colour pencil.  
05.11.19 Maths Multiplication tables. Materials: Chart, Speech, Colour, Pencils.
20.11.19 Hindi Wild Animals names. Materials: Picture of animal. One chart paper. Scissor, sketch pen, gum.


21.10.19 Maths Prepare a fraction chart. Materials: Chart, colour pencils, sketcher, Big size Bangle, scissors, Wollen thread, Gum.
22.10.19 Tamil பாரதியார் பாடம் – 1 பாரதியார் கவிதை (8 வரிகள்) Materials: A4 size cahrt (White) Sketches and Gum.
22.10.19 English Dairy Products. Materials: Empty covers of Butter, curd, milk, cheese, ghee, paneer, chart and glue.
29.10.19 Social Map Work. Materials: India outlines Map, colour pencils, sketches, wollen thread, gum scissors and chart.
05.11.19 Science Prepare a model of road signs. Materials: Charts, colour pencils, sketches, wollen thread, scissors and gum.
20.11.19 Hindi Lesson 10: Questions 1,2,3,4 write one time. Draw or paste the picture of vegetables and flowers and write the name in Hindi.


21.10.19 English Grammar: Compound WordsContractions Materials: Chart paper, Pictures & glue.
21.10.19 Hindi Verb. Words already given. Materials: Chart paper, pictures, glue.
22.10.19 Maths Design  a signboard. Materials: Chart paper (½), Sketch, colour pencils, Refer book pg – 55.
29.10.19 Social Tin can Telephone. Materials: 2 tin cans and a long piece of string. Refer book pg -137.
05.11.19 Tamil தமிழ் நாடு மற்றும் புதுச்சேரி போன்ற ஊர்களின் சிறப்பு வாய்ந்த இடங்களின் படங்களை ஒட்டி அதன்  சிறப்பினை அரை பக்க அளவில் எழுதுக ( கோயில்கள், அருங்காட்சியகம் ,நினைவு சின்னம், நூலகம் மருத்துவமனை)  
20.11.19 Science First aid kit. Materials: Chart, sketch, colour pencil, pictures of first aid kit.


21.10.19 Tamil     French   Hindi இன எழுத்துக்கள் செய்வதற்கு அட்டை வண்ணத்தாள் மார்க்கர் பேணா கத்தரிக்கோல் பசை Collect some countries pictures and paste it in the chart. Stick the picture of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi and write the essay about them. ஐவகை நிலங்கள் அடங்கிய படங்கள் பசை அட்டை   Collect some pictures regarding Adjectives in the chart.   Prepare the chart of Genders and plurals.
22.10.19 English       Make a model of train using card board or chart. Prepare a booklet about sports stars, Sachin Tendulkar, Mithali Dorai Raj, P.V Sindhu & Usha Rani. Mat. Req: A4 chart sheet – 5,Marker Pens – 3, Fevicol.
29.10.19     Maths   Metric Measures and conversion table. A4 size chart -4, Pictures of Metric measures. Gum, Scale, pen, scissors. Types of Triangles A4 size chart -4, colour paper, Geometry box and scissors, gum.
05.11.19   Science   Collect and paste different types of cells in chart. Draw and colour plant and animal cell.
20.11.19 Social Collect the pictures of primary, secondary and tertiary activities and paste it in a chart paper. Collect the pictures of our countries natural national symbols and paste it in a chart paper.


21.10.19   SOCIAL Collect and paste the pictures of Renewable and Non-Renewable resources. Write a few lines about it. Mark the extent of Akbar’s by using wollen thread and locate the places by using the colour pens in the outline map of India.
22.10.19   Science   Topic: Electric circuit. Materials Required: Cell, Bulb, Wire, and Switch. Topic: Animal cell in 3D. Using Clay.                  
29.10.19   Tamil       Hindi   French   பழந்தமிழர்கள் முதல் இன்று வரை பயன்படுத்திய கப்பல்களின் வகைகள் அடங்கிய படங்கள் வங்கம் பரிசல் பாய்மரம் தோணி போன்றவை Stick the picture of Saint Telsidaas, Kabeer dos, Surdas and write done about their poems. Do some decorative objects which used for Christmas with chart. ஓலை சுவடி செய்வதற்கு தேவையான பனையோலை கத்தரிக்கோல் ஊசி நூல் CD marker Do a model on any one season with card board or chart.
05.11.19     Maths     Fractions and decimals, Laws of Exponent. Materials Required: A4 size chart – 4, Colour pens, Colour papers, Scissors, Gum. Pascal’s Triangle. Materials Required: Colour chart -2, White chart-2, Colour pens scissors and gum.
20.11.19 English     Prepare a chart using degrees of comparison take any 3 examples stick pictures and explain. Materials Required: chart, pictures, marker pens (any 3) and fevicol. Prepare any two models of musical instruments and explain its uses. Materials Required: Waste water bottle (or) card board cello tape, balloons, marker pen any 3.


      21.10.19       English Prepare a booklet and collect pictures about the inventions of any five scientists & explain. Material Required: A4 chart, sheet – 5, marker pens (any 3), cello tape, fevicol. Prepare a chart using the given sentence patterns, SV, SVO, SVC. SVIODO any two sentence with pictures. Material Required: Chart -1, Markers -3, Fevicol.
22.10.19 French   Tamil   Hindi Expressions avec <Avoir> Do a chart model with pictures தமிழர்கள் பயன்படுத்திய இசை கருவிகளின் படங்களும் விளக்கங்களும் Paste the picture of Lal Bahadur Sastri and write about him. Collect pictures of various shops and stick it in a chart கைவினை பொருள்கள் செய்வதற்கான பொருட்கள் :பனையோலை களிமண் தாள் வண்ணம் தென்னங்கீற்று போன்றவை. By using these frame few sentence.
29.10.19 Maths Draw the house using co-ordinates of the points. Material Required: Graph sheet, A4 sheet and colour pencils Do the tree chart on Fibonacci sequence materials. Material Required: A4 sheet and pictures to stick
05.11.19 Science Prepare a chart work of bones and joints and their functions. (Drawing is necessary) Material Required: Chart Make a model of kaleidoscope.  
20.11.19 Social Science Draw the road safety signs and write a few lines about it in a chart Material Required:  Chart, Marker & Writing materials. Collect the pictures of different pollution, paste it and write a few lines about it in a chart. Material Required: Chart


21.10.19 English Topic: Make a ship   Topic: Make a fly or spider out of waste material.
22.10.19 Maths Activity – 2 Page No:215 Material Required: Card board, graph sheet, Woolen thread Activity – 6 Page No:166
29.10.19 Science Construct a model of human digestive system. Material Required: Funnel, Pipe, Cello tape and clean bag. Construct a model of a periscope.
05.11.19 French   Tamil  Collect pictures of houses and name its parts   ஓரறிவு முதல் ஆறறிவு உயிரினங்களின் பெயர்களை படங்களுடன் விளக்குக  Indian culture and tradition (unity is Strength)   நோய் தீர்க்கும் மூலிகைகள் எவையேனும் ஆறு விளக்கத்துடன்
20.11.19 Social Science   Draw the process of Hydrological cycle and Write a few lines about it in a chart.     Collect the pictures of various tribes and write about them briefly in the chart.